Glossary of Modern

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the placement of all the parts of the body in relationship to each other
sequential path of movement through the parts of the body
a way of using the entire body to create the feeling of length and stretch in a movement, without tensing or gripping the muscles
the complete release of the muscles as the body, giving in to gravity, drops
a prolonged high point
Fall and Recovery
is a synthesis resulting from the interaction of two opposites: a period of unbalance and a period of relative balance
bent, bending; a bending of the knee or knees
raised; a raising of the body on the balls of your feet
disengaged or disengaging step
Grand Battement
Large battement; an exercise in which the working leg is raised from the hip into the air and brought down again, the accent being on the downward movement, both knees straight
is the physical process of shortening the distance between the two ends of a muscle
Locomotor Movement
actions that take the body through space
Axial Movement
movements that occur on or around an axis; example of this is all the warm up exercises we do every week
Change of Weight
any shift of weight of the body from one member point of the body to another, as in a walking step, a rocking step, etc

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