Glossary of Microbiology chapter 4 review

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Name the 4 shapes of Cell mophology?
Cocci:- Round or spheres
Bacillus:- Rods
Spirillum:- Spiral/wavy
Spirochele:- Corkscrew
The shape of cell morphology is maintained by what?
Peptidoglycan cell wall
Cell is covered by what?
Cell or plasma membrane
Cell wall
What is cell wall composed of?
Outer membrane in some bacteria
Name the stuctures inside the cell covering?
Nucleoid region
Cesicles or inclusions
What is the functions of ribosome?
IT is the site for protein synthesis.
What are the 70s ribosomes composed of?
30s and 50s subunits.
What does the "S" in "30s,50s,70s ribosomes" stand for?
The "S" stands for sedimentation coefficient or Svediberg Unit.
What is the functions of Nucleoid regions?
It is the area containing the bacteria chromosome.
What is bacteria chromosome?
IT is a circular DNA containing most genes for the bacteria structure and function.
What is Plasmid?
It is a small circular extrachromosomal DNA capable of independent replications & carries gene for resistance & or fertility.
What are the 2 types of Plasmid?
What is the funtions of R-plasmid?
It carries gene for resistance against chemicals & drugs.
What are the functions of F-plasmid?
It contain genes that enhance fertility & gen transfer in conjugation or suxductions. (passing information from one DNA to another.
What does F-Plasmid encode?
Pili:-a bridge used to transfer DNA from F+ to F-.

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