Glossary of Microbiology Metabolism Lecture 2

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Which one releases energy a catabolic reaction or an anabolic reaction, or both?
A Catabolic reaction release energy.
Define a catabolic reaction?
Catabolic reaction breaks down complex molecule transfer energy to ATP
What are the basic goals of catabolic reaction?
The goal of a catabolic reaction is to get a little ATP and obtain the basic building blocks.
What are the products of a catabolic reaction?
The products of a catabolic reaction are CO2, H2O and release of energy for anabolic reaction
Chemotrophs obtain energy by what reaction and from what?
Chemotrophs obtain energy by oxidation, of organic molecules.
What is the classification of organism that obtains their energy form light and have chlorophyll?
Phototrophs obtain their energy from light and have chlorophyll.
What is the cause of the energy released from ATP?
The high energy bonds of the phosphates, ATP -ADP lost of third Phosphate but the loss of the last two and the phosphate are negatively charged.
Name some purposes for ATP?
To add energy to a reaction for building up, anabolic; store energy derived from food, activate molecules by addition of PO4 group
What happens to the activiation energy when an enzyme is reacting?
Activation energy goes down when enzymes are reacting.
What is the protein portion of the enzyme?
The apoenzyme is the proteini portion fo the enzyme.
What is the non protein portion of the enzyme?
The cofactor is the non protein portion of the enzyme.
What is the name of the material or substance an enzyme works on?
The enzyme works on the substrate.
What influences the reaction of an enzyme?
Temperature, PH, and the substrate concentration influence an enzymes reation.

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