Glossary of Microbiology Ch. 5 part 2

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Named for the substrates they bind or the reactions which they catalyze, formed by adding the suffix -ase
small nonprotein molecule that participates in catalytic function; bound tightly to enzyme, usually permanently
prosthetic groups
small nonprotein molecule that participates in catalytic function; bound loosely and may associate w/ a number of different enzymes during growth
defined as removal of electrons from a substance
defined as the addition of electrons to a substance
the conservation of energy from chemical reactions in living organisms involves ____
redox reactions
a substance's tendency to become oxidized or reduced
reduction potential
in catabolism, the electron donor is often referred to as an ___
energy source
transfer of electrons in a redox reaction from donor to acceptor usually involves one or more intermediates called
initial donor in redox reaction
primary electron donor
final acceptor in redox reaction
terminal electron acceptor
enzyme that splits fructose into two three-carbon molecules
stage one of glycolysis; involves production of glyceraldehyde
preparatory reactions
stage two of glycolysis; involves making ATP and making pyruvate
stage three of glycolysis; involves making fermentation products
proteins bound to the inside surgace of the cell membrane that accept hydrogen atoms from NADH
NADH dehydrogenases
proteins that contain a derivative of riboflavin
proteins w/ iron containing porphyrin ring prosthetic groups

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