Glossary of Microbiology: Inventors chap 1

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Matthias Schleiden and Theodor Schwann
Schleiden worked w/ plants, Schwann w/ animals, both stated the 1st 2 tenets of the Cell Theory
1st 2 tenets of the Cell Theory
1. All organisms are made of cells
2. Cells are fundamental structural unit of organism
Study of fungi
Study of algae
Study of protozoa
protozoology or parasitology
Study of viruses
Hans and Zaccharias JANSSEN
Invention of compound microscopy
Robert Hooke
Improvement of compund microscopy
Anton van Leeuwenhoek
.Father of microbioology "discovered" protozoans, red blood cells and sperm.
2. Ground lenses and mounted them on brass contraptions to form single-lens microscopes.
3. Named unicellular organisms animalcules
Rudolf Virchow
3rd tenet of cell theory

Omnis cellula e cellula: cells come from preexisting cells
Ernst Abbe
Invention of compound condensor, oil immersion
Paul Ehrlich
Development of simple stain (since bacteria contain a lot water, they tend to be transparent)

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