Glossary of Micro 2a Stains and Culture

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Congo red
Amyloid apple-green birefringence in polarized light (because of β-pleated sheets).
Borrelia, Plasmodium, trypanosomes, Chlamydia.
PAS (periodic acid-Schiff)
Stains glycogen, mucopolysaccharides
Acid-fast bacteria - TB
India ink
Cryptococcus neoformans
Chocolate agar with factors V (NAD) and X (hematin)
H. influenzae
Thayer-Martin (VCN) media
N. gonorrhoeae
Bordet-Gengou (potato) agar
B. pertussis
Tellurite plate, Loffler’s medium, blood agar
C. diphtheriae
Löwenstein-Jensen agar
M. tuberculosis
Pink colonies on MacConkey’s agar
Lactose-fermenting enterics
Charcoal yeast extract agar buffered with increased iron and cysteine
Sabouraud’s agar

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