Glossary of Mental Health Test

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Extreme tiredness brough about by stress, worry, boredom, of depression
psychological fatigue
Extreme tiredness brought about by vigorous activity
physical fatigue
Stress that keeps you from doind the things you ned to do or causes you discomfort
Body's response to change
Three basic physical needs
food, water, sleep
Special phone numbers to call for help
hot lines
Sudden emotional shifts can be caused by body chemicals called
People with good mental health seek healthy, responsible ways of expressing their
Real of imagined fear keeps a person from enjoying life
anxiety disorder
Three basic emotional needs
** to love and be loved
** to feel worthwhile
** to belong
If a friend refuses to get help when you feel he or she is suicidal, you should
seek adult help for him or her
Stress that helps you accomplish goals is called
positive stress
A trigger of stress
Ways to handle stress or relieve stress
** exercise
** listen to music
** read a book
What is the 2nd leading cuase of 15 to 19 year olds since 1986?
Extreme mood swings for no apparent reason are a symptom of
manic-depressive disorder
Causes of mental disorders
** injury to the brain
** high fevers
** certain drugs
** certain illnesses
Teenagers can get help with problems by
talking to teachers
talking to a relative
calling a teen hot line
Warning signs of suicide
** statements like "They'll be sorry when I'm gone
** low level of energy
** taking greater risks that usual
** loss of interest in hobbies
** avoiding activities with family and friends
When anyone attempts suicide, he/she is choosing a _________ solution to a temporary problem.

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