Glossary of Meghan Heimerman Willa Cather

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Willa Cather died on April 24, 1947.
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In 1940, Sapphria and the Slave Girl was published.
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Used a lot of detail in her writings when describing landscapes.
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Willa Cather's childhood home at Red Cloud has been preserved.
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Youth and the Bright Medusa - 1920.
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Red Cloud, Nebraska, her home, both attracted and repelled her; it was also the source of her art.
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A collection of short stories, The Old Beauty and Others, is published posthumously
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Then in 1896 she was offered the editorship of a new magazine in Pittsburgh, the Home Monthly; at first, for lack of other contributors, she wrote much of the content herself-editorials, articles, and reviews, as well as fiction.
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"Cather was a skillful observer of people and how they lived. As a young girl, she, as countless other children, haunted the red railroad depot which was the center of the universe in so many western towns. What is fascinating about Cather is that she got the railroad details of her novels' settings right. This is not surprising since it was the railroad that linked her many worlds for her entire life. Cather used railroad settings in her works and this background is pure Burlington."
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Cather was one of the few women to recieve a college education at that time.
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She attended the University of Nebraska, where she often dressed as William Cather, her opposite sex "twin"
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She subsequently published her first five novels. These novels announced her themes of strong women, the fight against provincial life, and the dying of the pioneer tradition.
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"when one comes to write all that you have been taught leaves you, all that you have stolen lies discovered. You are then a translator, without a lexicon, without notes. . . You have then to give voice to the hearts of men, and you can do it only so far as you have known them, loved them. It is a solemn and terrible thing to write a novel"
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Around 1932, Cather published a collection of short stories called Obscure Destinies.
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Paul's Case from A Bright Medusa described the other side of prairie life: the struggle of a talent to emerge from the stifling environment of the small town.
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O Pioneers! celebrates strength and courage of the frontier settlers.

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