Glossary of Medical terminology from Chapter 11

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process of removing a tumor together with the organ from which it originated and all surrounding tissue in the body space
a malignant new drowth the formation of a fibrous, tumor-like nodule arising from the deep fascia, with a tendency to local recurrence
a neoplasm of the central nervous systems, espsecially the crebrum, consisting of a variety of cellular types
pancreatic tumor that is usually malignant
granulocytic leukemia
myelocytic leukemia arising from myeloid tissue in which the granular, polymorphonuclear leukocytes and their precursors predominate
a capillary hemangioma of the brain consisting of proliferated blood vessel cells or angioblasts
a malignant tumor formed by proliferation of endothelial and fibroblastic tissuse
a malignant intrhepatic tumor occurring in infants and young children and consisting chiefly of embryonic hapatic tissue
hepatocellular carcinoma
a tumor of the liver
Hodgkin's Disease
a disease of unknown etiology producing enlarment of lymphoid tissue, speen, and liver with invasion of other tissues
human T-cell leukemia-lymphoma virus (HTLV)
the first virus known to cause cancer in humans
Hurthle cell tumor
a tumor of the thyroid and composed of Hurthle cells
a type of therapy, currently being researched as a treatment for cancer, whereby the body's own immune system is stimulated
a substance produced by lymphocytes that either direcly blocks tumor growth or stimulates the immune system and other body defenses
substance that stimulates the immune system to destroy tumors

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