Glossary of Medical Surgical Nursing Chapter 9

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Pain is best described as
A. a creation of a person’s imagination.
B. an unpleasant, subjective experience.
C. a maladaptive response to a stimulus.
D. a neurologic event resulting from activation of nociceptors.
an unpleasant, subjective experience
A neurotransmitter known for its involvement in pain modulation is
A. dopamine.
B. acetylcholine.
C. prostaglandin.
D. norepinephrine.
Which of the following words is most likely to be used to describe neuropathic pain?
A. dull
B. mild
C. aching
D. burning
Unrelieved pain is
A. to be expected after major surgery.
B. to be expected in a person with cancer.
C. dangerous and can lead to many physical and psychologic complications.
D. an annoying sensation, but it is not as important a
dangerous and can lead to many physical and psychologic complications
During the initial pain assessment process, the nurse should
A. assess critical sensory components.
B. teach the patient about pain therapies.
C. conduct a comprehensive pain assessment.
D. provide appropriate treatment and evalu
conduct a comprehensive pain assessment.
An example of distraction to provide pain relief is
B. music.
C. exercise.
D. biofeedback
An appropriate nonopioid analgesic for mild pain is
A. oxycodone.
B. ibuprofen (Advil).
C. lorazepam (Ativan).
D. cyclobenzaprine (Flexeril).
ibuprofen (Advil).
An important nursing responsibility related to pain is to
A. leave the patient alone to rest.
B. help the patient appear to not be in pain.
C. believe what the patient says about the pain.
D. assume responsibility for eliminating
believe what the patient says about the pain
A nurse administering a prescribed dose of an IV opioid that was titrated for a person with severe pain related to a terminal illness would be considered to be participating in
A. euthanasia.
B. assisted suicide.
C. the patient’s add
palliative pain management
A nurse believes that patients with the same type of tissue injury should have the same amount of pain. This statement reflects
A. a belief that will contribute to appropriate pain management.
B. an accurate statement about pain mechanisms a
the nurse’s lack of knowledge about pain mechanisms, which is likely to contribute to poor pain management.

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