Glossary of Med-Surg Nursing - 22

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partial or complete loss of hair
apocrine sweat glands
sweat glands that secrete a milky substance that becomes odoriferous when altered by skin surface bacteria
the supportive connective tissue layer below the epidermis
eccrine sweat glands
sweat glands that function to cool the body by evaporation
the avascular superficial layer of the skin, made up of an outer, dead, cornified portion that serves as a protective barrier and a deeper, living portion that folds into the dermis
overgrowth of collagenous tissue at site of skin injury
cells synthesized from epidermal cells in the basal layer, they produce a specialized protein, keratin, which is vital to the protective barrier function of the skin
a type of epidermal cell that is scattered throughout the basal layer of the skin and secretes melanin, the pigment that gives color to the skin and protects from ultraviolet light
mongolian spots
benign bluish-black macules
bacterial disorder caused by Staphylococcus aureus characterized by erythematous papules
sebaceous glands
glands that secrete sebum, which is emptied into the hair shaft

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