Glossary of Med-Surg Nursing - 12

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bands of scar tissue between or around organs
cell differentiation to a more immature or embryonic form
a decrease in the size of a tissue or organ caused by a decreased number of cells or reduction in the size of the individual cells
the separation and disruption of previously joined wound edges
an abnormal differentiation of dividing cells resulting in changes in the size, shape, and appearance of the cells
the separation and disruption of previously joined wound edges to the extent that intestinal contents protrude through the wound
immature connective tissue cells that migrate into a healing site and secrete collagen
an increase in the number of cells due to increased cellular division
hypertrophic scar
an inappropriately large, red, raised, and hard scar that occurs when the body produces excess collagen tissue
an increase in the size of existing cells without cell division
inflammatory response
a sequential reaction to cell injury that neutralizes and dilutes the inflammatory agent, removes necrotic materials, and establishes an environment suitable for healing and repair
lethal injury
an irreversible process that causes cell death
the reversible transformation of one cell type into another
the death of cells within a living organism
pressure ulcer
a localized area (usually over a bony prominence) of tissue necrosis caused by unrelieved pressure that occludes blood flow to the tissues
the replacement of lost cells and tissues with cells of the same type
healing as a result of lost cells being replaced by connective tissue
shearing force
pressure exerted on the skin when it adheres to the bed and the skin layers slide in the direction of body movement
sublethal injury
an alteration in the function of a cell without causing cell death

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