Glossary of Mass Wasting

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mass moves downslope as a viscous fluid.
mass remains stuck together, moving on a defined surface
movement along a curved surface
descending mass that moves along a plane parallel to the slope of the surface
normal force
force of gravity perpendicular to the slope
shear force
force of gravity parallel to the slop
Shear strength
resistance to deformation due to cohesiveness, friction, plant roots
slow, continuos, downslope movement of soil or debris and loose debris`
Debris Flow
the general term used for mass wasting where motion takes place throughout the mass
Earth flow
when debris moves downslope as a viscous fluid and is covered by a blanket of vegitation
flow of water-saturated debris over impermeable material
ground that remains frozen for many years
mixture of debris and water, down a channel
Debris avalanche (landslide)
fastest type of debris flow that has air trapped under the rock mass that may act as an air cushion that reduces friction
when a block of bedrock breaks off and falls freely or bounces down a cliff
an apron of fallen rock fragments that accumulates at the base of a cliff
rapid sliding of a mass of bedrock alon an inclined surface
Debris slide
a coherent mass of debris moving along a surface
Debris fall
a free-falling mass of debris that initially started out as a coherent mass.

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