Glossary of Literature and Composition Unit 8 Literary Terms

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What is an argument?
It is a collection of evidence assembled to support a point of view.
What is deductive reasoning?
It is a kind of argument in which one draws general conclusions from specific observations.
What is an editorial?
It is another term for opinion piece.
What is ethos?
It is the character, or persona, of the writer as perceived by the reader.
What is inductive reasoning?
It is a kind of argument in which one draws specific conclusions from general observations.
What is logic?
It is the process of using reason to come up with new information based on existing information.
What is logos?
It refers to the logical content of communication.
What is op-ed?
It is short for "opinion-editorial".
What is an opinion piece?
It is a short article or essay in which the writer expresses his or her thoughts and feelings about a particular issue.
What is pathos?
It is the anticipated emotional reaction of the audience to the content of a speech or a written work.
What is rhetoric?
It is the art of persuasion.
What is syllogism?
It is a kind of deductive reasoning consisting of a conclusion derived logically from two propositions.
What is a value?
An idea or principle recognized as important, desirable, or necessary.

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