Glossary of Lesson 28 2

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hospes, hospitis, m. or f.
stranger; guest-friend, guest, host
moenia, -ium, n. (i-stem)
fortifications, walls
sedes, sedis, f. (i-stem)
seat; (pl.) residence
signum, -i, n.
sign, signal; (military) standard
vestis, vestis, f. (i-stem)
garment, clothing; (pl.) clothes
posterus, -a, -um
subsequent, following; (substantive) posteri, -orum, m. posterity, descendants
posterum, -i, n.
the future
claudo, -ere, clausi, clausum
shut, close
curro, -ere, cucurri, cursum
expono, -ere, exposui, expositum
put out, expose, explain
sedeo, -ere, sedi, sessum
circa, (prep. w. acc.)
around, about, at the side of; (adv.) about, round about, approximately
quando (inter. adv.)

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