Glossary of Lesson 26 2

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absum, abesse, afui, afuturus
be away, be absent, be distant
ardeo, -ere, arsi, arsum
burn (intransitive)
colo, -ere, colui, cultum
ciltivate, worship
lego, -ere, legi, lectum
pick; read
relinquo, -ere, reliqui, relictum
leave behind, leave, abandon
aedes, aedis, f. (i-stem)
temple; (pl.) aedes, aedium, f. house
aetas, aetatis, f.
age; lifetime
caput, capitis, n.
imago, imaginis, f.
image, likeness, portrait, statue
mens, mentis, f. (i-stem)
modus, -i, m.
measure, degree; manner, way
trado, -ere, tradidi, traditum
hand over, hand down

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