Glossary of Lesson 1b

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Do you watch television every nite?
Miras la television todas los noches?
Do you eat in restaurants frequently?
[tu] Cenas en restaurantes frecuentemente?
Do you work in the library? (asking someone formal)
Trabaja usted en la bibliotea?
Do you leave with your friends every day?
Usted sale con dos amigos todos los dias?
Do you get up late frequently? (asking someone formal)
Se levanta usted tarde frecuentemente?
At what time do you go to bed? (asking someone formal)
A que hora se acuesta usted?
At what time do you go to bed? (informal)
A que hora te levantas?
Elena has to work every afternoon.
Elena tiene que trabajar todas las tardes.
Do you need to study much?
Necesitas estudiar mucho?
I should read the newspaper more.
Debo leer el periodico mas.
I prefer to study in the library.
Prefiero estudiar en la biblioteca.

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