Glossary of Latin drills 1: Wheelock 1, p.357

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2.1.monere 2.videre 3.valere 4.debere advise/warn see be strong owe (INF)
3.1.vocare 2.servare 3.dare 4.cogitare call save give think (INF)
3.5.laudare 6.amare 7.errare praise love err (INF)
4.1.voca 2.serva 3.da 4.cogita 5.lauda!! 3.give! 4.think! 5.praise! (S)
4.6.ama 7.mone 8.vide 9.vale! 7.advise/warn! 8.see! strong!/goodbye! (S)
5.1.vocate 2.servate 4.cogitate 5.laudate!! 3.give! 4.think! 5.praise! (PL)
5.6.amate 7.monete 8.videte 9.valete! 7.advise/warn! 8.see! strong!/goodbye! (PL)
6.1.vocat 2.cogitamus 3.amant 4.debes 5.videt
6.1.he calls 2.we think 3.they love owe 5.he sees
6.6.vident 7.debemus 8.vales 9.erratis
6.6.they see 7.we owe are strong err
6.10.videmus 11.amat 12.videtis 13.erras 14.dant
6.10.we see 11.he loves err 14.they give
6.15.servamus 16.dat 17.amant 18.vides
6.15.we save 16.he gives 17.they love see
Monent me si erro
They warn me if I err.
Monet me si errant.
He warns me if they err.
Monete me si errat.
Warn me if he errs!
Debes monere me.
You (s) ought to warn me.
Debetis servare me.
You (pl) ought to save me.
Non debent laudare me.
They ought not to praise me.
"Quid dat?" "Saepe nihil dat."
"What does he give?" "He often gives nothing."
Me saepe vocant et monent.
They often call me and advise me.
Nihil video. Quid vides?
I see nothing. What do you see?
Me lauda si non erro, amabo te.
Praise me, please, if I do not make a mistake.
Si valetis, valemus.
If you (pl) are well, we are well.
Si valet, valeo.
If he is well, I am well.
Si me amat, debet me laudare.
If she loves me, she ought to praise me.
Conservate me.
Save me.
Non debeo errare.
I ought not to err.
Quid debemus laudare?
What ought we to praise?
Videt; cogitat; monet.
He sees; he ponders; he advises.

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