Glossary of Latin and Greek Words and Expressions

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a priori
gotten from what is known
ab initio
from the beginning
ad astra per aspera
to the stars through difficulties
ad hoc
for this purpose
ad hominem
arguing personally instead of logically
ad infinitum
ad nauseum
agnus Dei
lam of god
alea jacta est
the die is cast
amor omnia vincit
love conquers all
before the war
ante meridien
AM, morning
ars gratia artis
art for the sake of art
ars longa vita brevis
art is long; life is short
ars poeticc
the art of poetry
ex post facto
coming what was done before
caveat emptor
buyer beware
cogito ergo sum
I think, therefor i am
compos mentis
of a sound mind
ex cathedra
with authority
cum grano salis
with a grain of salt, take lightly
ibid, ibidem
from something just mentioned
hic jacet
here lies
ex tempore
without preparation, spontaneous
deus ex machina
divine intervention
ecce homo
behold the man
errors, mistakes
et. al. et alia
and others
ie, id est
that is
it may be printed

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