Glossary of Latin Vocabulary 2

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"Magna voce"?
in a loud voice
"Conspicit" means _____.
(he/she) catches sight of
"Appropinquat" means _____.
(he/she) approaches
"Cave!" means _____.
Be careful!
"Vox" means _____.
(a/the) voice
"Sollicita" means _____.
anxious, worried
"Tu" means _____.
you (subject)
"Dormit" means _____.
(he/she) sleeps
What does "furtim" mean?
What does "vexat" mean?
(he/she) annoys
you (direct object)
"Videt" means _____.
(he/she) sees
What does "audit" mean?
(he/she) hears, listens to
(he/she) climbs
"Terret" means _____.
(he/she/it) frightens
(a/the) branch
Molestus means _____.
troublesome or annoying
"Descende" means _____.
come down
"Amat" means ______.
(he/she) likes, loves
"Semper" means _____.
"Infirmus" means _____.
weak or shaky
What does "magnus" mean?
big, great
What does "tum" mean?
at that moment, then
What does "fragor" mean?
(a/the) crash, noise

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