Glossary of Latin Noun Case Endings

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First Declension Singular Endings
-a, -ae, -ae, -am, -A
First Declension Plural Endings
-ae, -Arum, -Is, -As, -Is
Second Declension Masculine Singular Endings
-us (-r, -er), -I, -O, -um, -O
Second Declension Masculine Plural Endings
-I, -Orum, -Is, -Os, -Is
Second Declension Neuter Singular Endings
-um, -I, -O, -um, -O
Second Declension Neuter Plural Endings
-a, -Orum, -Is, -a, -Is
Third Declension Masculine & Feminine Singular Endings
----, -is, -I, -em, -e
Third Declension Masculine & Feminine Plural Endings
-Es, -um (-ium), -ibus, -Es (-Is), -ibus
Third Declension Neuter Singular Endings
----, -is, -I, ----, -e (-I)
Third Declension Neuter Plural Endings
-a (-ia), -um (-ium), -ibus, -a (-ia), -ibus
Fourth Declension Singular Endings
-us, -Us, -uI, -um, -U
Fourth Declension Plural Endings
-Us, -uum, -ibus, -Us, -ibus
Fifth Declension Singular Endings
-Es, -eI, -eI, -em, -E
Fifth Declension Plural Endings
-Es, -Erum, -Ebus, -Es, -Ebus

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