Glossary of Latin History and Geography

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The large penninsula shaped country which sticks out into the Mediterranean Sea

First Democracy -- heavily influenced Roman culture

island off the tip of the boot of Italy

Mediterranean Sea
Sea ringed by the Roman Empire conquered by Julius Caesar

city of 7 hills founded by Romulus which became center of Roman culture

Tiber River
River near Rome

Mount Vesuvius
Massive eruption of volcano in 79 AD covered the city of Pompeii

Romulus and Remus
twin brothers raised by wolves - Romulus founded the city of Rome on April 21, 753 BC

Julius Caesar
Conquered the vast Roman empire but ended the Republic when he became "Dictator for Life"

grand-nephew of Caesar who became the first Roman emperor
April 21, 753 BC
City of Rome founded by Romulus
March 15, 44 BC
Julius Caesar assassinated
one of the 7 hills of Rome where Romulus lived
political and economic center of ancient Rome

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