Glossary of Latin Flashcards from Chapter 32 of Wheelock's Grammar

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custodia, -ae
f. protection, custody; pl guards (custodian, custodial)
exercitus, -us
m. army (exercise)
paupertas, paupertatis
f. poverty, humple circumstances (pauper)
dives, divitis or ditis
rich (Dives)
par, paris + dat.
equal, like (par, pair, parity, peer, peerless, disparage, disparity, umpire, nonpareil)
pauper, pauperis
of small means, poor (poverty,impoverished; cp. paupertas)
conj + subj., provided that, so long as
malo, malle, malui
to want (something) more, instead; prefer
nolo, nolle, nolui
to not...wish, be unwilling (nolo contendere, nol. pros.)
pateo, patere, patui
to be open, lie open; be accessible; be evident (patent, patent, patency)
praebeo, -bere, bui, bitum
to offer, provide
promitto, -mittere, misi, missum
to send forth; promise (promissory)
volo, velle, volui
to wish, want, be willing, will (volution, voluntary, involuntary, volunteer, volitive, voluptuous, benevolent, malevolent, nolens volens)

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