Glossary of LSMSA - Vistas3 - Tener y Venir (present tense)

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I have
yo tengo
You have (sing-fam)
Tú tienes
You have (sing-form)
Ud. tiene
He/She has
él/ella tiene
We have
nosotros/as tenemos
You have (pl-fam)
vosotros/as tenéis
You have (pl-form)
Uds. tienen
They have
ellos/ellas tienen
I come
Yo vengo
You come (sing-fam)
Tú vienes
He/She comes
él/ella viene
You come (sing-form)
Ud. viene
We come
nosotros/as venimos
You come (pl-fam)
vosotros/as venís
They come
ellos/ellas vienen
You come (pl-form)
Uds. vienen

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