Glossary of LSMSA - Vistas3- Expressions with tener

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to be...years old
to be (very) hot
tener (mucho) calor
to be (very) careful
tener (mucho) cuidado
to be (very) cold
tener (mucho) frío
to be (very) hungry
tener (mucha) hambre
to be (very) afraid/scared
tener (mucho) miedo
to be in a (big) hurry
tener (mucha) prisa
to be right
tener razón
to be wrong
no tener razón
to be (very) thirsty
tener (mucha) sed
to be (very) sleepy
tener (mucho) sueño
to be (very) lucky
tener (mucha) suerte
to have to do something (express obligation)
tener que + [infinitive]
to feel like doing something
tener ganas de + [infinitive]

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