Glossary of LHHS OCAD Music

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Haydn was a composer during which period?
What were his first and middle names?
Franz Joseph
Haydn wrote more than _____ symphonies
Haydn is often called the "father of the ________"
Haydn experimented with a fourth movement to the symphony. What is the fourth movement?
a minuet and a trio before the finale
True or False: The compositions of Haydn feature a clear and balanced form.
Haydn had a reputation as what kind of a composer?
In Haydn's String Quartet in D, Op. 64, No. 5, the interior passage is a faithful copy of _______ writing.
In what country was Haydn born?
Austria; specifically in Rohrau
What year was Haydn born; what year did he die?
1732; 1809
When we speak of Classical music, we are referring to the music of the composers working from ____ to ____
1750 to 1827
What does the term "classical" refer to?
ancient Greek and Roman cultures
Who are the three most prominent Classical composers?
Haydn, Mozart, Beethoven
an extended orchestral work, usually in several movements; given a balanced structure
Describe ideas focused on during the Classical period.
symmetry, balance, and proportion

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