Glossary of LAW midterm 2

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Laws gererally reflect and promote what?
a society's values
Moral Values
deal with fundamental questions of right and wrong
economic values
deal with the accumulation, preservation, use, and distribution of wealth
political values
reflect the relationship between government and individuals
social values
concern issues important to society
criminal laws
regulate public conduct and set out suties owed to society
criminal offenses are devided into...
felonies(more than one year in prison) and misdermeanors (one year or less in prison)
civil laws
regulate relations between individuals or groups of individuals
civil action
a lawsuit that can be brought by a person who feels wronged or injured by another person
separation of powers
the division of power among the branches of government
statues are...
checks and balances
is where the power of each three branches of government limit the other branches' power so as to prevent sn abuse of power
Judicial review
the proces by which courts decide wether the laws passed by congress or state legislatures are constitutional
the division of power between states and the federal government
the bill of rights
the first 10 amendments in the constitution

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