Glossary of Katie's Chem 10

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the capacity to do work
moving an object using a force
a form of energy that flows from areas of high temp. to areas of low temp.
a measure of the relative heat capacity of an object
Kinetic Energy (KE)
Energy of motion
Potential Energy (PE)
Energy of position
Chemical potential energy
energy stored in chemicals because of their composition
Law of Conservation of Energy
In an ordinary chemical or physical reaction, energy can not be created or destroyed, but the total amount of energy must remain constant.
Specific Heat Capacity
(Specific Heat)
The amount of heat required to raise the temperature of 1g of a substance by 1*C
joule (J)
1J = 0.239 cal
(1cal = 4.186J)
calorie (cal)
the amount of heat needed to raist the temp of 1g of H2O 1*C

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