Glossary of Jurrassic Park Character Sketches

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What are Ellie Sattler's personality traits?
casual, perfectionist (kinda), precise, persistent, willin 2 work her butt off to get work done, casual clothing
What are Donald Gennaro's physical traits?
stocky, muscular, mid 30's agewise, armani suit, wire frame glasses
What are Donald Gennaro's personality traits?
What are Dennis Nedry's physical traits?
fat, sloppy, pig-like eater
What are Dennis Nedry's personality traits?
What are Bob Morris' physical traits?
late 20's agewise, wearing a tie, business pants, formal, wing tipped shoes
What are Alan Grant's physical traits?
barrel chested, bearded, mid-aged (40 yrs)
What are Alan Grant's personality traits?
impatient, prefers outdoors, casual dressing, casual period, old-fashioned (kinda)
What are Ed Regis' Physical Traits?
wears baseball cap, red hair, caucasian
What are Ed Regis' personality traits?
cheerful, edgy, deceiving, willing to lie, dishonest
What are Ian Malcolm's personality traits?
strongly opinionated, cheery, serious (kinda), zealous, arrogant, brat
What are Ellie Sattler's physical traits?
casual clothin, 24 yrs, darkly tanned, blond, long necked, (apparently beautiful legs)
What are Bob Morris' personality traits?
smart-alec, prim, proper, perfectionist, neat-freak, business like
What are John Hammond's physical traits?
raspy voice, short, elderly (75-76ish) agewise
What are Ian Malcolm's physical traits?
tall, thin, blading, 35 years, always wears black or gray

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