Glossary of Jesus Jeopardy

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What town was Jesus born in?
What town did Jesus live in?
Nazareth or Galilee
Who was Jesus's aunt?
Who was Jesus's cousin?
John the Baptist
Who did Jesus give authority to to run the church?
Who betrayed Jesus?
When did Jesus begin his ministry?
When he was about 30.
Who did Jesus raise from the dead?
At what age did Jesus go to the temple?
About 12 years old
Name the members of the holy family
Mary Jesus Joseph
What is the name of the day during holy week where we celebrate Jesus's death and resurrection?
Good Friday
Who sent Jesus to be crucified?
Pontius Pilate
What was the name of the angel who came to marry to tell her about Jesus's birth?
Where did the sermon on the mountain take place?
Mount of the beattitudes
Where was Jesus crucified?
Golgotha or Place of the Skull
Where did Jesus turn water into wine?
Where did Jesus multiply fish & bread?
By sea of Galilee
Which disphle doubted Jesus?
What animal did Jesus ride on Palm Sunday?
What does Jesus mean in hebrew?
God saves

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