Glossary of Integrated Chinese, Level 1, Lesson 02, En-Ch

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how, which / that, those / that, those
那 nà / nèi
(a measure word), (a surname), open up
張 zhāng
photograph, picture
照片 zhàopiàn
(possessive particle), of
的 de
this, these / this, these
這 zhè / zhèi
(informal) father
爸爸 bàba
mama, mommy
媽媽 māma
(a measure word), individual
個 gè
男孩子 nánháizi
男 nán
孩子 háizi
who / who
誰 shéi
he, him
他 tā
younger brother
弟弟 dìdi
女孩子 nǚháizi
female, woman
女 nǚ
younger sister
妹妹 mèimei
她 tā
女兒 nǚ'ér
to have, there is, there are, to exist, to be
有 yǒu
兒子 érzi
(negative prefix for verbs), have not, not
沒 méi
small, tiny, few, young
小 xiǎo
high, tall
高 gāo
-ist, -er, -ian, home, family, a person engaged in a certain art or profession
家 jiā
almost / how much, how many, several, a few
幾 jǐ
older brother
哥哥 gēge
both, two, ounce, some, a few, tael
兩 liǎng
older sister
姐姐 jiějie
and, together with, with
和 hé
to do, to make, to produce
做 zuò
English (language)
英文 yīngwén
律師 lǜshī
all, both (if two things are involved), entirely (due to)each, even, already / (surname), metropolis, capital city
都 dōu
university student
大學生 dàxuéshēng
大學 dàxué
醫生 yīshēng

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