Glossary of Immunology Exam I

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IL-1 and IL-6 enhance expression of ___ and its receptors on T cells
T-cells release ___ and ___ which cause B cells to divide + differentiate into antibody-forming cells and memory cells
IL-6, IL-10
TH1 secretes...
IL-2 and IFN gamma
when THI activated - against pathogens (proliferation)
TH2 secretes...
IL-4, IL-5, IL-6, IL-10,
when THII activated
-stimulate B cells to proliferate/produce Abs (6+10 = differentiation)
CD refers to...
cluster of antibodies that recognize a particular cell marker
CD3 complex structure has a special feature which is ?
external domain, transmembrane domain, cytoplasmic tail
* transmembrane domain contains neg. charged AA!!
this brings receptor and CD3 together, because TCR transmemb domain (of alpha and beta chains) has a pos. charged AA
Ion pairs or hydrogen bonds form between ____residues in TCR and ____residues in CD3
basic, acidic
TCR1 found where?
small # Tcells in thymus, secondary lymphoids, abundant in various epithelia
The hypervariable regions of V domain of alpha-beta TCR come together to form___
antigen binding site
TCR2 distinguished by expression of __ or __
TCR2 CD4 classified by ___ secretion
B cells classified by ____
surface immunoglobulins
what 2 isotypes do Bcells in peripheral blood express on surface
IgM, IgD
Main markers used to identify human Bcells
CD19, CD20, CD22
NK cell recognized presence or absence of ___receptor to signal whether or not to kill
___ direct lymphocyte trafficking
HEV's - high endothelial venules
lymphoid cells go back to mucosal tissue they came from by recognizing ___
adhesion molecules on musocal HEV's
N:C ratios
All (?) Bcells have hi N:C, 90% of THelpers do, 50% of Tc do
follicular dendritic cells present to __cells rather than __cells
B, T - cause lack MHCII molecules
APC's found primarily where? Most have what class molecule?
APCs = macs, Bcells, interdigitating, follic. dendritic
-found in skin, lymph nodes, spleen, thymus
-have MHCII except follics
Macrophages when found in skin called...
Langerhan cell
monocytes/macrophages (when leave blood mono=mac)
polymorphonuclear granulocytes
accessory cells
APC's, platelets, endothelial cells
Mac/mono cell markers
Fc recep for IgG
complement receps
MHCII receps
cytokine receps
Neutrophil primary granules
lysosomes containing acid hydrolases, myeloperoxidase, muramidase
Eosinophils can kill parasitic worms by____
Leslie hates_____
Basophils found where?
circulating blood
MHC is set of genes on long strand of DNA on chr # ___
MHCI encodes...
glycoproteins expressed nearly all nucleated cells which present antigens of altered self cells
MHCII encodes...
glycoproteins expressed on APC's

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