Glossary of Idioms (Misc.)

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a bolt from the blue
a shocking, startling, or unexpected event
give him (or her) the runaround
avoid a clear explanation
hit the books
study hard
ill at ease
in a flash
very quickly
an iron hand
total control
just what the doctor ordered
precisely what is needed
knock our (my, his, or her) socks off
impress or amaze us (me, him or her)
knows his (or her) stuff
is an expert
make a bundle
earn a great deal of money
a mover and a shaker
a powerful person
pull the wool over my eyes
to fool or deceive
see red
become angry
the spitting image
exactly like
top dollar
an extremely high price
What's eating you?
What's upsetting or bothering you?
in hot water
in trouble
rose-colored glasses
an unrealistically positive opinion; an optimist
all fired up
very angry or wildly excited
let the cat out of the bag
to tell a secret
hold your horses
wait; be patient; slow down
in cement

Ex: He didn't know if the plans were IN CEMENT or whether he could make some changes.
firmly set

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