Glossary of Human Resource Mgmt 11th Ed. Chapter 7

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Acceptance rate
Percent of applicants hired divided by total number of applicants.
Applicant pool
All persons who are actually evaluated for selection.
Applicant population
A subset of the labor force population that is available for selection using a particular recruiting approach.
Flexible staffing
Use of workers who are not traditional employees.
Independent contractors
Workers who perform specific services on a contract basis.
Job posting
System in which the employer provides notices of job openings and employees respond by applying.
Labor force population
All individuals who are available for selection if all possible recruitment strategies are used.
Labor markets
External supply pool from which organizations attract employees.
Process of generating a pool of qualified applicants for organizational jobs.
Selection rate
Percentage hired from a given group of candidates.
Yield ratios
Comparisons of the number of applicants at one stage of the recruiting process with the number at the next stage.

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