Glossary of Human Appraisal Notes from February 28, 2006

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Age of Intelligence Testing
130 years
Why talk about intelligence as though we were doing validation studies?
Helps us to understand the process test developers go through when they devise a test.
Re-define Intelligence Testing.
Ability Testing.
What can ability testing do?
Evaluate things people may have problems with.
What did intelligence testing first measure?
It first tried to find out how to discriminate those who were negatively impaired.
What is intelligence testing measuring today?
We look at what people's abilities are, the things they can do well. Also examines problematic areas.
What is intelligence?
No Clue!!!!!!!!!1
How long have we had methodology with regard to intelligence testing?
The last 45 years.
How long have we been testing neuropsychology?
The last 25 years.
T or F? Even before Binet, as early as 1827, intelligence was referred to as mental abilities.

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