Glossary of Historical Geology

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Name three groups of extinct reptiles, give one distinguishing feature for each.
1. Plesiosaurs (long neck swimmers)
2. Ichthyosaurs (dolphin like reptiles)
3. Pterosaurs (flyers)
Only Herbivores were part of this Dinosaur group?
Main groups of marine invertebrates that dominated during the Mesozoic?
Molluscs dominate. Mainly ammonite, cephalopods and rudistid bivalves.
Carnivores and some Herbivores were part of what Dinosaur group?
When did life first get onto land?
Arthropods. During Slurian time.
Southern Hemisphere of Pangea is ____?
Two modern reptiles
1. Frogs 2. Turtles
What was sea level like during middle to late Jurrasic?
Sea level rose
What supercontinent was formed at the end of the Paleozoic?

What are the two main subdivisions of the Dinosaurs?
1. Saurischicans (reptile like hip joint)
2. Ornithischians (bird like hip joint)
Permian extinction happened when?
245 mya.
Northern Hemisphere of Pangea is ___?
What is the orgin of Triassic basalt and redbeds near the east coast margin of North America?
Normal faulting volcanism (divergence), rifting in the late Triassic.
What was the major ocean basin that formed with the breakup of Pangea?
Extension to the Tethys Sea (precurser to the Mediterranian sea)

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