Glossary of Hepatitis

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5 Indicators of liver malfunction.
-Inc LFTs
-Elevated bilirubin
-pale feces
-RUQ pain
-dec serum proteins
4 Liver states of liver disease.
What are some similarities b/t HAV and HEV.
-Egress is w bile in feces
Similarities b/t HBV, HCV, and HDV.
-Acute or Chronic
-secreted in blood thru bodily fluids.
HAV structure
-5' IRES
-One ORF
Where is the primary infx site of HAV?
-GI and liver is secondary.
Why is HAV difficult to contain?
-virus sheds in feces before symptamatic
-most infx are asympt
-HAV is very stable in the Environment
HEV structure.
-3 ORFs
What is the major concern asscociated with HEV?
Fulminant Hepatitis
There is concern for a chronic carrier state in HAV and HEV?
HCV structure.

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