Glossary of Health Vocab Chapter 13

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the rate at which you use energy when your body is completely at rest
Basal Metabolic Rate
a feeling of physical discomfort that is caused by your body’s need for nutrients
a desire for food that is based on emotional factors rather than nutritional need
occurs when a person’s weight is 20 percent or more above an appropriate weight
a popular diet that may help a person lose weight but without proper regard or nutrition and other matters of health
Fad Diet
when people refrain from eating all foods
a substance that enables glucose to pass from the blood into the body’s cells
a disorder in which the body does not produce or properly use insulin, resulting in high levels of glucose in the blood
Diabetes Mellitus
low blood sugar
a person who does not eat meat
consists of greatly increased carbohydrate intake, accompanied by decreased levels of exercise, in days before a competition
Carbohydrate Loading
chemicals that are added to a food to prevent spoiling, to control and improve color and texture, to replace or add nutrients, or to improve flavor
additives that are used to prevent spoilage or to keep foods from losing their natural color or texture
when nutrients are added to replace those that have been lost
when vitamins, minerals, and even proteins are added to a food that does not normally contain them
makes break rise
Leavening Agent
used to keep fats from separating from the other ingredients in a food
an estimate o how long the product is usable
Product Date
cost per unit of measurement
Unit Price

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