Glossary of Health Vocab Chapter 11 2

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the state o being full grown in the physical sense
time when your physical abilities are at their maximum levels
Physical Peak
when one is reassured that his or her feelings, ideas, or decisions are reasonable—usually by a friend
the ability to share your innermost feelings with another person and have a caring, loving relationship
Emotional Intimacy
when the production of sex hormones in both men and women slows down
people shift their concern from themselves in the present to the welfare of others in the future
how well your skin molds to your body or snaps back into place when pulled
the human body’s disease-fighting system
Immune System
characterized by a progressive loss of normal muscle function
Parkinson’s Disease
attacks the body’s joints, making simple tasks painful
a group of symptoms characterized by loss of mental abilities, abnormal behavior, and personality changes
a form of dementia that involves the degeneration of brain cells
Alzheimer’s Disease
a condition in which bones become weak and brittle; caused by a loss of bone calcium
the stage of feeling complete
a program that provides physical, emotional, and spiritual care for dying people and support for their families

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