Glossary of Health Psy

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Health Belief Model
1) Perceived susceptibility
2) Perceived severity
3) Does the benefit outweigh the costs?
4) Cues to action (family, friends, health campaigns, race)
(Sus, Sev, cost, cues)
Theory of Reasoned Action
Attitude and Subjective Norms => Intention => Behavior
(something may interfere with intention)
Theory of Planned Behavior
Attitude, Subjective Norms, and Perceived Control => Intention => Behavior
Transtheoretical Model (STAGE Theory)
1) Precontempl
2) Contempl
3) Preparation
5) Action
6) Maintenance
Precaution Adoption Hypothesis (STAGE Theory)
1) Ignorance
2) Optimistic Bias
3) Engagement
[4) No change]
5) Intention to Change
6) Implementation
7) Maintenance
Prototype/Willingness Thery (P/W)
Behavioral Willingess and Social Prototype
Social Engineering
Modify environment without requiring decisions. Ex. Airbags, cigerettes, seatbelts, child proof lids, vending machines.
Media, civil liberities (smoking laws)
Therapy/Health Practitioners
One-on-one does not reach as many people; beneficial for immunizations; self help groups; ex. diet
Health class, almost entire population early on, peer ed, teachers; minor effects for children not smoking/drugs yet.

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