Glossary of Health Knowledge Bowl - Academic Foundations - Set Six

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How many grains equal one gram?
What is a drug which stops the growth of bacteria called?
What is a drug which stops coughing called?
What classification of drugs would be ordered for an individual who has a fever?
What is a high school reaction to a drug which may be beneficial or harmful?
side effect
What is an antigen-antibody response to a drug that may result in
danger to the patient?
allergic reaction
What is a tablet that doesn't dissolve until it reaches the small intestine called?
enteric coated
What is a drug that acts at the site of application called?
local or topical
What usually happens to the pupils of a shock victim?
they dilate
What type of fracture is not a complete break?
What element is capable of stopping the passage of radiation?
What area of the face is most sensitive to x-ray exposure?
lens of the eye
Give the normal range of months by which time all twenty primary teeth
have usually erupted?
24 to 30
What is the stage of periodontal disease involving loss of bone that supports teeth called?
What is the artificial replacing of one or more teeth with a fixed prosthesis
What teeth are enervated by the inferior alveolar nerve?
mandibular posteriors
What happens to the x-ray film if the temperature of the developer is too
will produce a very light image
What gland is located below and in front of the ear?
the parotid
What term describes the unconscious grinding of teeth?
What is the name of the instrument used to test one's hearing?
What is blurring of vision due to an abnormal curvature of the cornea called?
What term is used to indicate listening for sounds produced by the
What term is used to refer to the inner surface of the arm at the elbow?
What is the term that describes a microorganism which can live and
grow only in the presence of oxygen?
What is the name of the support group for family members of
AL-ANON (all caps required)
What is the excision of a small piece of tissue for microscopic examination?
Name the part of the microscope substage that regulates the amount of light directed on a specimen.
iris diaphragm
If pancreatitis is suspected, what test is usually performed?
What is the breathing pattern characterized by alternating periods of
apnea and hyperventilation called?
What is the procedure whereby ultra high-frequency sound waves are
directed toward the heart to evaluate its function and structure?

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