Glossary of Greetings and expressions of well-being and farewell

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Buenos dias, senorita
Good morning, miss
Buenos tardes, senora
Good afternoon, Ma'am
Buenos noches, senor
Good evening, Sir
Buenos dias. ?Como esta usted?
Good morning. How are you?
Muy bien, gracias. ?Y usted?
Very well thanks. and you
Bien, gracias
Fine. Thanks
Hello / Hi
!Hola! ?Como estas? (?Que tal?)
How are you? (How is it going)
Fenomenal. ?Y tu?
Terrific. And you
Okay (so-so)
?Que pasa?
What's happening?
?Que hay de nuevo?
What's new?
Pues nada.
Not much
Voy a la clase de historia.
I'm going to history class
Bueno (Pues, hasta luego.
See you tomorrow.
Hasta Manana.
See you tomorrow.
Hasta pronto.
See you soon.
Bye. / So long.

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