Glossary of Gre Freq 3

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extremely high (of prices etc.)
ex: The super computer's price was prohibitive.

ex: His reverent attitude was appropriate in a house of worship.
hide away or cache; produce and release a substance into an organism.

ex: The pack rat secretes odds and ends in its nest; the pancreas secretes insulin in the islets of Langerhans.
hypothesis; surmise

ex: I based my decision to confide (phó thác, giao phó, giai bay, noi rieng) in him on the supposition that he would be discreet (biết suy xét, khôn ngoan, thận trọng, dè dặt; kín đáo).
peripheral; only slightly connected; digressing

ex: Despite Clark's attempts to distract her with tangential remarks, Lois kept on coming back to her main question: why couldn't he come out to dinner with Superman and her?
thin; rare; slim

ex: The allegiance of our allies is held by rather tenuous ties; let us hope they will remain loyal.
winding; full of curves

Because this Crooked Hill road is so tortuous, it is unwise to go faster than twenty miles an hour on it.
violation of a law; sin

ex: Forgive us our transgressions; we know not what we do.

ex: I can recommend him for this position because I have always found him veracious and reliable.
capable of maintaining life; practicable; workable

ex: The infant, though prematurely born, is viable and has a good chance to survive.
viscous (vĭs'kəs)
sticky, gluey

vicious: tan ac, xau xa
abusive; scolding

ex: He became more vituperative as he realized that we were not going to grant him his wish.
changeable; explosive; evaporating rapidly

ex: The political climate today is extremely volatile: no one can predict what the electorate will do next.
very cautious

ex: The spies grew wary as they approached the sentry.
turmoil (sự náo động, sự rối loạn); bewildering jumble

ex: The existing welter of overlapping federal and state proclaims (công bố, tuyên bố) cries out for immediate reform.
showy; pretentious; trying to attract attention

ex: Trump's latest casino in Atlantic City is the most ostentatious gambling place in the East: it easily outglitters its competitors.
equal. Asian's intelligence is tantamount to White's
perfectionist, very detailed, punctilious, fastidious (kho tinh), scrupulous

ex: He was meticulous in checking his accounts and never made mistakes.
person celebrated for wisdom

ex: Hearing tales of a mysterious Master of All Knowledge who lived in the hills of Tibet, Sandy was possessed with a burning desire to consult the legendary sage.

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