Glossary of Grade 3 Unit 6 Voc.

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expose: verb
to uncover or open to view
synonym: show
antonym: cover
timid: adjective
lacking courage or confidence
synonym: shy
antonym: bold
remote: adjective
far removed in distance or
synonym: far
antonym: nearby
custom: noun
what people do year after
synonym: tradition
cling: verb
to hold on firmly
synonym: hold
antonym: release
ancient: adjective
very old, early in history
synonym: old
antonym: new
disturb: verb
to make upset or uneasy
synonym: upset
antonym: calm
perform: verb
to carry out a task
synonym: act
climate: noun
the usual weather
conditions of a place
synonym: weather
decay: verb
to slowly decline or fall
into ruin
synonym: ruin

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