Glossary of Gerontology Test 2

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at the end of life what are according to LICH western adults afraid of?
failure; medical procedures not working;
what does sandwhich generations mean?
babyboomers caring for kids and parents
what does spend down mean?
liquidating and using all assets so that you can secure housing and medicaid with out them taking your lifespending
exersize for osteo arthritis?
never resistance; never passive range of motion
gout tx
never ever touch gout
med for bph hytrin what do you monitor
blood pressure
in 2020 half of deaths will occur where?
in nursing homes
what position alleviates dyspnea?
what is health care proxy?
person appointed to take care of decisions in event of disorientation or coma
if patient with continuous flushing feels spasms what do you do
check patency in tube

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