Glossary of Geo Vocab Week 3

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The way of life that distinguishes a people, for example, government, language, religion, customs, and beliefs.
The average number of people living in a given area
population density
The number of live births each year per 1,000 people.
The number of deaths each year per 1,000 people.
death rate
A person who moves into a country.
A person who leaves the country to live elsewhere.
The growth of a city populations; the change from a rural, or country like society, to one that is urban, or city-like, in character.
characteristics of the countryside.
A country’s freedom and power to decide on policies and actions.
A system of government in which one central government holds most of the political power.
Relating to a union of states that recognize a single central government but retain certain powers for themselves.
A system of government in which individual political units keep their sovereignty but give limited power to a central government.
Descriptive of a system of government in which one person, perhaps a dictator, holds all political power.
A system of government in which absolute power is held by one person.
A system of government in which a central authority controls all aspects of society, subordinating individual freedom to state interests.
A system of authoritarian government headed by a monarch- a king, queen, shah, or sultan- whose position is usually inherited.
A system of government in which the people are invested with the power to choose their leaders and elected representatives, and determine government policy based on the will of the majority.
Descriptive of an economic system (capitalism) in which the means of production are controlled by private individuals or corporations; also called a market economy in which people, as consumers, help determine what will be produced by buying or not buyin
A system of government in which the government controls the means of production, determining what goods will be made, how much workers will be paid, and how much items will cost.
A system in which the government owns, manages, or controls the production, distribution, and exchange of goods in such basic industries as transportation, communications, and banking.

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