Glossary of Foramina

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carotid canal
internal carotid artery
condyloid canal
vein to transverse sinus
foramen magnum
spinal cord
greater palatine foramen
anterior palatine nerve
hypoglossal canal
hypogloassal nerve XII
incisive foramen
descending palatine vessel
inferior orbital fissure
maxillary nerve
infraorbital foramen
infraorbital nerve
internal acoustic meatus
internal auditory artery
jugular foramen
internal jugular vein
internal carotid artery
tear duct
lesser palatine foramen
lesser palatine nerve
mandibular foramen
inferior alveolar nerve
mastoid foramen
emissary vein
mental foramen
mental nerve
olefactory foramina
olefactory nerve I
optic foramen
optic nerve II
mandibular nerve V
maxillary nerve V
middle meningeal vessel
superior orbital fissure
trochlear nerve IV
supraorbital foramina
supraorbital nerve
stylomastoid foramen
facial nerve VII
zygomaticofacial foramen
zygomaticofacial nerve

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