Glossary of Flashcards for Old English Verbs

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magan (mæg, meaht, meahte)
be able to
willan (wille, wilt, wolde)
nyllan (nylle, nylt, nolde)
wish, be willing, be about to
not wish, ect.
weorðan (wearþ, wurdon, o) 3
become, get to be; in passive construction be
sculan (sceal, scealt, scolde)
prp. be destined to, have to, shall
habban, nabban (hæfde, næfde)
have, not have
witan (wat, wast, wissan)
nytan (nat, nast, nysse)
prp. know,feel
not know, not feel
beran (æ,æ,o)
bear, carry, bring, wear
cuman (o,o,u)4
come, go
cunnan (cann,cannst,cuðe)
prp. know, know how to
wealdan (eo,ea,ea)7
exercise authority, control, rule
sittan (sæt, æ, e)
sit, sit down
seon (seah, sawon)
see, visit
sacan (o,o,a) 6
struggle, fight
healdan (eo,eo,ea)
hold, keep, rule
cweðan (cwæþ,cwædon)
munan (man, manst, munde)
prp. recall, remember
beorgan (ea,u,o)
conceal, protect
giefan (ea,ea,ie)5
secgan (sægde)
agan (ah, ahst, ahte)
prp. possess, have rule
faran (o,o,a) 6
go, journey, die
scieppan (scop,o,æ) I-6
hattan (e,e,a) 7
call, name
fio(ga)n I
motan (mot,most,moste)
be permitted to, may

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