Glossary of Finir (-ir verbs)

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i finish
je finis
you finish (s)
tu finis
he/she finishes
il/elle/on finit
we finish
nous finissons
you finish (pl)
vous finissez
they finish
ils/elles finissent
i finished
j'ai fini
you finished (s)
tu as fini
he/she finished
il/elle/on a fini
we finished
nous avons fini
you finished (pl)
vous avez fini
they finished
ils/elles ont fini
i was finishing
je finissais
you were finishing (s)
tu finissais
he/she was finishing
il/elle/on finissait
we were finishing
nous finissions
you were finishing (pl)
vous finissiez
they were finishing
ils/elles finissaient
i will finish
je finirai
you will finish (s)
tu finiras
he/she will finish
il/elle/on finira
we will finish
nous finirons
you will finish (pl)
vous finirez
they will finish
ils/elles finiront
to finish

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