Glossary of Farsi (Persian) Idioms

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فلانی دماغ سر بالاست

folAnE damAgh sar bAlAst
so an so is snobby; he's stuck up; he has his nose in the air.
فلانی خیلی فیس و افاده داره
folAnE kheylE fEs o efAdeh dAreh
so and so is very snobby

(damAgh sar bAlA)
مثل خر توی گل گیر کرده
mesleh khar tu gel gEr kardeh
in a quagmire; in an impasse
kAseh nemikhAm, portAresh kon
when you don't want something, you end up getting more of it
هندونه زیر بغل کسی گذاشتن
hendoone zire baghale kasi gozAshtan
buttering someone up; Means to say things to some one that they want to hear about themselves, but which aren't genuine. The person who does this thing has the intention of tricking someone into doing something without helping them.
سر کیسه را شل کن
sare kEsaro shol kon
Don't be stingy with your money
برو کنار بذار باد بیاد

boro kenAr bezAr bAd biAd
I don't want to see you in front of me now.
من چه هیزم تری بهت فروختم
man che hEzome tari behet forOkhtam?
Why did you do something bad to me for nothing where as I haven’t done anything bad to you?
نان منو آجر نکن

naneh manO Ajor nakon
Don't do anything that would make me lose business.
ٔاین کار دست شما را می بوسه

En kAr dasteh shoma ra miboose
It is your job, please do it.
قابل شمارو نداره

ghAbele shomAro nadAre
It's not worthy of you; Please accept this gift or favor and the person who says this, pretends that the gift or the favor is not something considerable for you.
چشمم آب نمی خوره

cheshmam Ab nemikhoreh
I doubt it; I don't believe that [something] is going to happen.
خودتو به کوچه ی علی چپ نزن

khodeto be kOcheye Ali-Chap nazan
Don't play stupid; You know exactly what I am talking about, so don't pretend that you are not aware of it.
ّطرف مگس میپرونه

taraf magas miparOne
he is very idle or has a very slow business
جاتون خالی بود

jAtOn khAli bOd
I had a nice time and I wished you were there. We missed you there.
چشمات آلبالو گیلاس می چینه

cheshmAt AlbAlO gilAs mEchEneh
You don’t see very well; something is wrong with your vision.
خر بیار و باقالی بار کن

khar biAr o bAghAli bAr kon
It is applied when a situation gets ugly at once or unexpected or it is already ugly and it gets worse.
ین دوتا دل دادن و قلوه گرفتن
En dotA del dadan o gholveh gereftan
two close friends / lovers are having a good conversation with each other.
گلی به گوشه ی جمالت

goli be gOsheye jamAlet
Romantic expression of more power to you or good job; Good job!
شیر فهم شدی؟

shEr fahm shodE?
Capisce?; do you understand?
جشمش شوره

cheshmesh shureh
"He has salty eyes"

he/she has evil eyes; he/she is out to get you
پدرمو در اوردی
pedaramo darovordi

you bothered me so much...

دهنم سرویس شد
dahanam servis shod

I got over pressed.

برو جلو بوق بزن
Boro jelo bOgh bezan.

Your knowledge is zero on this or you are not in that position to say something,

انگار به اسب شاه گفتن یابو
EngAr be asbe shAh goftan yAbO

it's a kind of indirect apology means what I said to you wasn't right but wasn't that bad.

فیلش یاد هندستون کرده
filesh yAde hendestOn karde

He is remembering old memories and want them back.

کشمش هم دم داره
keshmesh ham dom dare

you missed to say my title.

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